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Construct a Retaining Wall in Your Yard

Posted by Gregg Parks on

Whether you are a contractor engineering concrete wall forms as part of your job, or you are a homeowner building a retaining wall, you need to employ  Snap Ties to create a superior outcome for a straight and smooth concrete wall.  

Snap Ties, along with Wedges, secure against the lateral pressure of unhardened concrete in concrete wall forms. Snap Ties hold the wall forms at the proper distance to create the desired concrete wall thickness. Snap Ties are available with washers or cones which allow the Snap Ties to be broken off neatly inside the concrete for surface patching and a smooth look.

Snap Tie Wedge is designed to slip over the head of Snap Ties to provide ample bearing area for proper load distribution into the wales.

Click Here to order R1 Supply Snap Ties & Wedges, available in Short End and Long End with Cones.

Diagram of Short End Snap Tie Diagram of Long End Snap Tie
Short End Snap Tie Long End Snap Tie
Diagram of Wall with Short End Snap Tie and Wedges
Short End Snap Tie & Wedges cross-section

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