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Seal Concrete Swimming Pool Deck Joints with DECK-O-SEAL

Posted by Gregg Parks on

Sealing swimming pool deck joints just got easier with the DECK-O-SEAL Concrete Pool Deck Joint Sealer Kits. Everything you need to caulk and seal joints on swimming pool decks is included in the kit. DECK-O-SEAL is applicable for both interior and exterior use to provide a firm, flexible, weather-tight seal.

  • Highly resilient with excellent recovery characteristics.
  • Provides permanent and uniform watertight seal.
  • Prevents uncontrolled cracking by allowing expansion and contraction during temperature changes.
  • Stays flexible … won’t become brittle or crack due to ultraviolet exposure.
  • Resists abrasion, weathering, and moisture … elevated temperatures will not cause discoloration.

For completing a great Pool Deck or making a repair, DECK-O-SEAL Swimming Pool Joint Sealer provides superior results.

R1 Supply sells DECK-O-SEAL Concrete Pool Deck Joint Sealer Kits in three colors;  GRAYTAN, and WHITE which are available to ship today!

If you have wide joint gaps to fill, you may want to add  Joint Fillers to your Cart.

Are you a Homeowner?  The DECK-O-SEAL in color GRAY also works great for sealing concrete joints on patios, sidewalks, and driveways for an attractive seal and to provide weed control.

Click here to order the DECK-O-SEAL kits from our Pool Deck and Repairs items!

DECK-O-SEAL Kit product images and How to Mix video: 

DECK-O-SEAL Swimming Pool Joint Sealant Kit

Permanent and Watertight Seal for Pool Decks with DECK-O-SEAL

Don't forget Safety. Be sure to add  Gloves and Safety Glasses to your Cart.

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