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  • Mortex Protect-A-Deck - 5 Gallons.  Shield mineral surfaces against the harmful effects of moisture and extreme temperature change.

Mortex Protect-A-Deck

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Product Description

Mortex Protect-A-Deck™ (1 Gallon)

Mortex Protect-A-Deck™ is the ideal product you need to shield mineral surfaces against the harmful effects of moisture and extreme temperature change.
Protect-A-Deck can be used on Keystone Kool Deck, Designer Colors, Marquee, Gypsum, Stucco or Brick.

Mortex Protect-A-Deck™ Features:

  • Highly recommended on Kool Deck, Kool Deck Elite or Marquee surfaces
  • Does not affect color of sprayed surface
  • Will not change surface texture
  • Durable water repellency (5 to 10 years)
  • Solvent-Free Silicone Siloxane
  • Highly concentrated
  • Combats deteriorating effect of water and salts on concrete
  • Reduces efflorescence
  • Chemically attaches to any mineral surface
  • Bridges hairline cracks
  • Mix with ordinary tap water
  • Apply with a construction sprayer
  • Not intended for use on Systex or Systex Stamp

Necessary Tools:

  • Construction Sprayer
  • Measuring Cup
  • Stirring Paddle
  • Goggles
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Mixing Bucket with Lid for mixing with water - 5 Gallon Size Recommended

Surface Requirements

Please make sure that the following conditions are met before applying Mortex Protect-A-Deck™:

  • Concrete surface (or Mortex topping) must be a minimum of 28 days old before applying Mortex Protect-A-Deck™
  • Clean, dry and free from stains
  • Temperature at time of application should be between 40° and 95°F (4° and 35°C)
  • Temperature for the next 24 hours should also remain within the range of 40° to 95°F


Mix one part Mortex Protect-A-Deck™ to fifteen parts water by volume. The mixed solution will have a usable life span of 3 hours.
Note: Always keep the original container closed, as exposure to moisture starts a chemical reaction much like the hydration of cement. Once Mortex Protect-A-Deck™ hydrates, it will not bond to cement.


Coverage varies depending on number of coats, porosity of surface and temperature of surface at the time of application. The warmer the temperature, the more material you will use. A one gallon (4L) container of Mortex Protect-A-Deck™ mixture will cover approximately 1600-2400 square feet (148-223 square meters) of surface. Use a sprayer to apply the solution.
Apply 2 to 3 coats to the surface. Wet surface thoroughly with solution but do not create puddles. Allow time between coats so that the solution can penetrate the surface, but do not allow the surface to dry between coats.

Caution: Wear goggles and rubber gloves when handling. For cleanup, wash skin and equipment with soapy water. For maximum repellency, a three (3) day cure period, void of rain, is essential.


Manufacturer Mortex
Product Name Protect-A-Deck™
Size 1 Gallon
Coverage  1 Gallon = Approximately 1600-2400 square feet (148-223 square meters)

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